MINIBIAN 2013-10-13 is out!

Minibian 2nd release is out!
Basically it has the same features of the previous release with updated firmware (kernel 3.6.11+ #538) and system based on official Raspbian updates.
So if you are going to start with a new image, this is the the most recent.
You can download this image, following this link at sourceforge:


61 thoughts on “MINIBIAN 2013-10-13 is out!

  1. I just installed MINIBIAN, and I’m really liking it so far. I’m a fan of minimal builds for embedded systems.

    I have a question about setup for you: how do you change the keyboard layout? The normal Raspian “dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration” does not seem to be working. I reset the Pi and the keyboard is still setup for ‘gb’. Thanks!

  2. Thank you this, no need to uninstall anything anymore for simple servers.

  3. @toggio: Can confirm!

    Installing console-data and select the right keymap from full list correct the problem. Thx for the build toggio highly appreciate it! cheers clyde

  4. noob question!! whats the login: and password: for this raspbian image?

  5. what would I need to add to this to get the raspberry camera board to be recognized?

  6. Hi,

    I’m trying out some minimal images and from a clean install I installed samba but cannot find the samba share from my windows 8 computer.
    I’ve mounted my hdd and can see its contents,
    apt-get install samba,
    apt-get install samba-common-bin,
    modified: /etc/samba/smb.conf,
    added new user: smbpasswd -a root
    rebooted and cannot see the samba share. Any ideas?

    • I think it is a Windows 8 issue.
      Try with a different O.S. (like Windows XP) to confirm that.

      • I fixed it, there must be missing to announce the samba drive on the network as it worked on stock raspbian. On windows 8 and on my other openelec xbmc pi I just had to put the IP of the the samba pi in manually. Apart from that this works fine, thanks for this toggio!

  7. Hi, thanks for the image, works really well.
    Could you please generate kernel_cutdown.img image for your distro and make it available?
    Thanks again

  8. Man you’re a genius! I was desperately looking for a smaller image. I’ve got a 2gb sd and I don’t need X or any other preinstalled stuff (i like to install only what I need, only when I need it).

  9. what can i use on minibian turbo mode of raspi (1000MHz)

  10. Minibian looks perfect for prototyping embedded systems. I just tried to install on a model A, and I’m getting a “Installing knfsd” message on the console that never ends (so I never get the login prompt). Did I miss something here? Is it expecting to have network connectivity at this point in the startup? Unfortunately, that would be difficult on a model A, because there’s no built in ethernet, and my USB WIFI interface obviously doesn’t have it’s SSID/WPA configuration yet the very first time that I boot. I suppose I could find a USB ethernet dongle, but is there another way around this?

    • Hi Dave,
      Minibian is intended for RPi Model B. Never tried on Model A.

      • OK. It would be really nice to have a configuration that boots all the way to console login on a Model a, though. I think all that would require is an image that doesn’t have any packages that need a network connection on the first boot… it may be as simple as removing knfsd. I suspect that a lot of people who want a minimal image are using the A due to it’s lower cost and power consumption.

    • Edit the file /etc/inittab and add the following line
      T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyAMA0 115200 vt100

      Now you should have a login prompt on the serial console.

      • I used DD on another box to install too, but that doesn’t solve the problem, does it? Didn’t your console get stuck forever on โ€œInstalling knfsdโ€? Or did you have to connect an external USB-ethernet adapter to do the initial setup and configuration. I think that would work, but it’s an extra step and requires an extra piece of equipment, which is disappointing, since it would be so easy to just remove a few packages from the initial image so that it would work “out of the box” on a Model A.

  11. Hi, how do I report bugs ? Didn’t find a bugtracker on sourceforge. Many thanks

  12. This image is awesome and just what I was looking for. Thank you!


    Either include the raspi-config utility or add an entry in the FAQ on how to get it: apt-get install raspi-config

    Run apt-get update before creating the image.

  13. toggio, thanks a lot for this image. i’ve searching very long for such a minimal image. hope, you’ll be active in the future at this project. keep up the good work man!

  14. How can i get dynamic overclocking ? If i enter force_turbo=1 into config.txt, the cpu is always at high speed (900 in my case). But if i use force_turbo=0, the cpu speed never rises above 700 Mhz.

    What do i need to do for dynamic overclocking like in a full raspbian wheezy ?

    • Minibian is not intended for overclocking. The use is as standalone server without graphic and you don’t need overclocking for this.
      Hope this will help you.

  15. I’ve been using Minibian for a month or so now as an always on computer and now and again after maybe a week or so it randomly becomes unresponsive and requires a reboot which is annoying if I’m not at home. Anyone else had issues? I don’t recall this happening on Raspbian.

    • I’ve been using raspbian for many months without problems… I think the problem could be hardware-related (power supply or something like that)

  16. I followed the instructions on the Setup page. After writing the minibian image to an 8GB SD card with Win32DiskImager I then followed the link on resizing the partition. However the version of fdisk that comes with minibian seems totally different to what is described in the linked page. If I type the command as shown it just comes up with a list of command options. What am I doing wrong? ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Whens a new version hitting us?

  18. Thanks, very good release ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Thanks for this, way better and lighter than default Raspbian! Hope to see future releases soon

  20. I just found your image. In the packages installed does this image include cron and ntp?

  21. Thanks for the image, I’ve been looking for something like this. Only issue is eth0 doesn’t seem to come up, if I “ifup eth0” it says there’s no such device, which is weird as the 2 leds come up when I connect the network cable. The “interfaces” file is unchanged too. Am I doing something stupid? Cheers!

    • So it turns out it’s to do with the hardware revision, it would appear minibian doesn’t work with rev1. Moved over my rev2 boards ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Is it failover system? Like voyage linux or its raspbian without Xserver. I am looking for system with readonly rootfs and rewritable files on tmpfs.

  23. I have been trying to get this image downloaded, but WinRar is saying the image is corrupted.. any ideas?

  24. Is there a way to get the WiFi Dongle to work? What steps would I need to do? Also which is ‘faster’ the Wifi dongle or Direct Attached RJ45, since both use the same USB bus?

  25. Will there be a new version of minibian ?

  26. Great and very useful image!
    Was running it for months on my B V2 Model without any issues.
    Has anyone succeed in getting the 2nd release running on a B+ model? I tried but the system just wont start, there is nothing apearing on the monitor. Any recomendations?

    Luca, will there be a version especially for model B+ in near future?
    Thank you very much, keep up the good work!

  27. Thank you so much for the image which you provided.
    It worked for me without any failure and now waiting for your future results.
    I want to ask you one thing, Actually I was looking for an embedded linux kernel for raspberry pi, so my question to you is, are you following any procedure to make minibian? will it be possible to make minibian from source itself?
    like Yocto or Linux from scratch does?

  28. When can we get the new Version for B+?

  29. Great release !
    I’m running it in two RasPi in data collection.
    I hope the work continues.
    Only one problem so far: Bluez installed GUI which I do not want there.
    I think I managed to remove it, but still.

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