MINIBIAN 2014-11-24 is out!

1a Minibian 3rd release is out! This new release comes with improved features and support for the new Raspberry Pi B+ with updated firmware (kernel 3.12.28+ #709) and system based on official Raspbian repositories. Take a loke here to discover all the new features of this release. This image was obtained using the new Raspbian unattended netinstaller with many post-install customizations in order to obtain a even smaller and more functional release. You can download the compressed image, following this link at sourceforge:

MD5: f50000ce9feab447c9928473e323be9f
SHA1: 25dd7eccee7649e586730e0fe1a62317696f6674

59 thoughts on “MINIBIAN 2014-11-24 is out!

  1. Awesome…. Testing it now

  2. Very nice! My only issue is that WiFi does not seem to work (i.e. my WiFi dongle which works just fine with Raspbian does not seem to be recognized). Is it supposed to? If not, any chance of including USB WiFi adapter support next time around, or would that no longer be “minimal”? Thanks for your work on Minibian!

    • In this minimal version, there are many packages not installed.
      In order to make your wifi work, you have to install the right wifi firmware.
      For example for realtek, the package is firmware-realtek.
      You have also to add non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list (deb wheezy main non-free) and than apt-get update.
      In order to know the correct package, you can do dmesg | tail -n 20, and look for your wifi dongle chipset (for example r8712u), and then apt-cache search realtek, that will tell you to install “firmware-realtek” package, and then go ahead as usual wifi configuration.
      Se you soon!

  3. I have been using one of the 2012/2013 version for my home automation project for a year now. Its been rock solid. This is the obvious choice when im doing a second “refind” project. Hats off to you, Sir!

  4. perfect. keep up the good work!

  5. Luca grazie per lo sforzo. E’ la quarta distribuzione che provo per avere SOLO SSH, NTP, NFS e torrent (Transmission) per casa mia. Speriamo questa vada meglio. Ti farò sapere !!!

  6. Thanks for making a very useful minimal image.

    Only problem (which you may not want to fix/include) is the lack of out of the box WiFi support.

    Not a huge issue but I’ve had to use a Model B to setup the minimal image for use in a Model A. I was hoping to just edit network interfaces and wpa_supplicant settings on the Model A.

  7. Does this work with the A/A+? I remember there were some issues with the previous release on an A (I eventually got it to work, but don’t remember exactly what I did). I’d assume that’s what most people who are doing “embedded” stuff would want, since it’s smaller, cheaper, and uses less power.

  8. I cannot login with root:raspberry Anything changed there?

  9. NEvermind, was the netinstaller password raspbian

  10. Excellent – just what I needed!

  11. Is it possible to install on a B+ if no monitor is present? Does it have sshd started immediately?

  12. Very nice ! Boots very fast but I cannot login using ssh with root:raspberry !! ??

  13. Sorry to say but this image has something wrong ! The password is not « root:raspberry» but «pi:raspberry».

    Please correct the documentation per piacere ! Grazie mille !

  14. The problem is still whole ! The root password is not « raspberry ». I cannot SU into the system !

  15. I found the solution:

    login as pi:raspberry


    sudo su

    Change password, logout an re-login.

    Root password was definitely NOT raspberry.

  16. Thanks for this, yours is the only minimal image I have gotten to work mostly without issues. I think it would be nice for you to provide a zip instead of just a tar.gz on sourceforge. I will also echo the wireless firmware thing, if there was an initial script that ran to get wifi drivers if you said ‘yes’ then that could be cool.

    I also get this error when I install new stuff
    /boot/initrd.img-3.12-1-rpi does not exist. Cannot update.

  17. What’s the boot time? Looking for an img “on the shelve”(eg easier than buildroot) below 30 seconds 😊

  18. why /etc/logrotate.conf is missing from this image?

  19. I cant get SPI to work.
    Do I have to install something for spidev to work?

  20. Hey,

    thanks for the work. Your project is kinda what I was searching for. A Raspbian without all the bloat.

    But I’d like to propose that you put the md5sum of the files on the blog entries. And/or if you could sign the files. This would be really awesome.

    Thansk again!

  21. Will this image work with RPi 2 just announced or a recompile will be required?

  22. i just tried the last image. but unluckily my Pi got no ip adress from network.
    at boot:
    smsc95xx 1-1.1:1.0 eth0: “hardware isnt capable of remote wakeup”
    IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: “link is not ready”

    this Raspberry Pi still works with other images in network :-/

  23. Hi,

    it also runs on raspberry 2?

  24. Thanks for all the work!! Love it! Hope it works on Rpi2….. Getting mine tomorrow…

  25. Does this version work with the RPi B (512 model)?

  26. Mine is’n working on a RPi2. I tried a tutorial I found which is related to Raspbian, but this also did’n work.

  27. Hello,
    I have some kind of a problem with MINIBIAN on RpiB+…. I have no network.
    During boot I see the following lines :

    Cannot find device “eth0”
    Bind socket to interface : No such device
    Failed to bring up eth0

    I tested my Rpi with another OS (openelec) and network works fine.

    Do y ou have any idea ?

  28. It will certainly work on a Rpi2, but it will be slower than it could be, since (like raspbian) it only uses ARMv6 instructions, not the Rpi2’s new ARMv7.

  29. Switched from the official raspbian to this build for my NAS(DLNA, Torrent,Samba).
    It works well and is still small enough thanks.

  30. Worked nice as a base install for NAS.
    Thanks for the bloatfree image.

  31. sysctl wasn’t working until I exported the /usr/sbin path, hopefully you fix this in the next release. Will you be making one that works with the Pi 2?

  32. Yeah, this is great. I use this for all sorts of stuff. Can you do us one for the Raspberry Pi 2? Pleaseeee

  33. Thank you!

    It’s awesome.

  34. Why do non of these minimal os’s have the built wifi drivers 😦 i have spent days following every guide i can find to put them back, including the one on this page further up but it just wont work. It’s such a shame, as this is the best minimal pi distro i can find.

    • Because it’s minimal.
      In order to include wifi drivers, you should include all wifi modules, that would eat resources.
      Try again to follow the guide.

      • For anyone who plans to use a wifi usb device with this, be very careful to make sure its one that will work with the realtek drivers “firmware-realtek”. Even if they claim to still have the same chip set as the popular edi-max they may still not work.
        This guide was useful for attempting to install a digitek and a comfast widi usb.
        Using the above guide i did manage to get a digitek usb wifi working but on a different distro. Currently im trying to get a comfast wifi usb working. No luck despite the fact i uses the same chipset as the edimax.

  35. Hi there,
    I cannot manage to change the keyboard layout to de-de.
    I tried with dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration as well as writing ‘de’ directly to /etc/default/keyboard.
    Has anybody an idea what’s working wrong? Thanks!

  36. Cool 🙂
    – i have replaced openssh by dropbear (very light sshd)
    – disabled soundmodule
    – disabled dhcp (static ip)
    i have 201MB of free ram 🙂

  37. Hi, How can I disable the black screen of the console ?
    Every time that I had to ssh the rpi. the first attempt doesn’t work, it simply work as a wake up and the second ssh attempt works.
    Did you have any idea how to fix that. Thank you.

  38. I struggled a bit with WiFi even after installing the correct drivers for my dongle. Scanning worked but I received no DHCP offers. What isn’t mentioned here in the comments is the need for the package “wpasupplicant” if your WiFi is WPA encrypted. After installing this package wlan0 started working properly.

    • Another possible wifi/network issue is old or misleading entries in /etc/udev/rules.d/ so check for that if you’re having problems with wifi/lan. Most likely to happen when using multiple pi’s and duplicating or swapping sd-cards between them as mac addresses will be messed up.

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  40. Is it possible to use Minibian in initramfs?

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