The main features of latest version (2016-03-12) included in MINIBIAN image are:

  • Raspbian “Jessie” based
  • Kernel 4.1.18+ #846
  • 15 secs boot (on RPi 2B)
  • 31 MB RAM used
  • 477 MB disk space used
  • Fit on 1GB SD Card
  • Optimized ext4 file system with swap disabled
  • Support for RPi B, RPi B+, RPi 2B and the new RPi 3B
  • Targeted for embedded or server applications (NAS, Web server, electronic applications)
  • 100% full compatbile with official release
  • DHCP client enabled
  • SSHD enabled
  • root user enabled (default password: raspberry – please change it a.s.a.p.)

Take a look at release category, for release related features and informations.